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By Kati Saari. Updated:

Bojoko helps you find detailed reviews of USA online casinos. There are tons of online casino reviews on the internet, but the quality varies a lot. The information you're looking for may be inaccurate, biased, or missing altogether.

On this page, you'll find high-quality US casino reviews, learn how casinos are reviewed on Bojoko, and discover our criteria for those reviews.

Find the best US online casino reviews on Bojoko

A well-done and thorough casino review gives you a good idea of why to play (and why not to play) on certain casino sites. It helps you properly understand the pros and cons of a particular online casino.

Here on Bojoko, we create the casino listings in collaboration with the licensed online casinos. Then our experienced casino experts write their reviews of the site. They also rate the casino based on multiple factors, which we explain in more detail below.

That's why we can proudly say that Bojoko offers the best online casino reviews in the US. Try our selection tool to find casino reviews that interest you the most.

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On this page, you'll find the best US casino reviews and everything you need to know about them. We cover different review types on Bojoko, list the online casinos with the best reviews, and explain the criteria for the rating system.

Online casino reviews

Why read casino reviews on Bojoko?

Bojoko casino reviews give you an accurate, balanced, and detailed idea of what you can expect at the casino. The reviews consist of two main elements:

Below, we'll explain these elements in more detail.

Casino listings on Bojoko

On Bojoko, each casino listing has been made in collaboration with the casino site operating in the US. Every listing contains tons of information about the casino, like bonuses, available games, banking methods, and how the KYC (Know Your Customer) process is handled. In short, all the important details that matter to the player. After the listing has been made, our team regularly checks and updates the information.

The best part is, most of this data is quantitative: you can use our casino selection tool to filter and sort casinos based on your preferences. On most pages, we have a long list of ready-made quick filters, but building your own is easy as pie.

After the listing is ready, it's time for our expert team to review the casino with real money deposits. With the expert reviews, you'll get to see the big picture - how the casino really is and what it's like playing their games. Because of our extensive reviewing methods, no longer you have to trust only what the casinos themselves want you to know.

Thorough real-money Expert reviews

We want to show you what it's really like to play on a particular casino site. Our aim is to give you more details than the one-paragraph user reviews, in a brutally honest tone, 100% independent from the casinos.

That's why we asked experienced USA players and casino professionals to try the casinos with real money and write reviews without pulling any punches. On top of that, you can forget Jane and John Does - On Bojoko, we use our real names and faces when reviewing casinos. On the Authors page, you can read more about us!

If you're into online slots, there are now slot expert reviews to give you an honest account of the most popular games.

How to find the best casino reviews by US players

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1. Use the quick filters of our selection tool

There are quick filters for our recommendations, user ratings, and casino experts' ratings. Apply the filter to see the sites with the best reviews.

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2. Read reviews

Learn what the experts have to say about a casino. The expert reviews are based on thorough real-money tests and cover all aspects of the casino.

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3. Click on the green button

Every review has a big, green 'PLAY HERE' button. Clicking on it takes you to the casino.

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4. Sign up

Before you can play, you'll need to create an account. Fill out all the information in the sign-up form, verify your account, and deposit money to spin the games

Find US online casino reviews

Online casino ratings criteria

Review and rate US online casinos

Playing at an online casino is largely a subjective experience. So why bother creating a framework for the ratings?

The idea is to make the reviews and ratings comparable. If you give the site a 1/5 rating for every aspect just because you didn't win, such a casino review doesn't really provide valuable info to your fellow players.

Below, you'll find our criteria for writing the best US online casino review and rating it fairly. The criteria are based on common casino industry practices and work as a guideline for both users and casino experts.


Casino bonuses are what most players probably first look at when they read online casino reviews and compare casinos. All US casino bonuses come with their own terms and conditions. Pay attention to the bonus rules and wagering requirements as well as the bonus sums and percentages.

No deposit bonuses generally come in the form of free spins to be played in video slots. Deposit bonuses are usually a deposit match bonus peppered with some spins.

Here's a guide to help you out when rating a casino's bonuses:

Free spins or casino money with no deposit, attractive first deposit bonus (at least 100%/$100) with moderate wagering requirements (max 45x) and player-friendly bonus terms and conditions.
One or more of the above elements are missing, the wagering requirements may be too high (50x or higher).
Average bonus value with acceptable terms and conditions (for example 100%/$100 deposit bonus with a 50x [25x D+B] wagering requirement and no sign-up bonus).
Low bonus value with passable wagering requirements and terms and conditions (for example 50%/$100 with a wagering requirement of 50x or higher).
No bonuses offered at all.

Appearance and usability

A nice-looking and well-functioning casino is essential for a positive and pleasant experience. The online casino software reviews should also talk about the site's functionality and looks.

Many new US casinos are cropping up and competing in today's market. Players are demanding better usability in an online casino. You'll also be greatly swayed by the user experience when making a casino software review. Usability might be a subjective element of the casino experience, but the players know what works and what doesn't.

Here's a guide to help you rate a casino's appearance and usability:

Every element works and runs smoothly and the casino's design and user interface are pleasant to look at and use.
The functionality of the site is slightly impaired or the design is not fully convincing.
Use of the site is not easy or the graphics are not convincing.
Significant number of technical and aesthetic issues with the site.
Very poor usability that makes decisive gameplay highly difficult.

Game selection

A high-quality, diverse gaming selection helps attract players. Most casinos offer hundreds of online slots plus a tidy selection of table games at the live casino. The average number of casino games offered by online casinos is currently around 500. However, some sites go the extra mile and try to get their hands on anything released by all game suppliers.

Use this guide when rating a casino's game selection:

Large number of different games of all types. The selection includes slots from top providers and mobile and live casino games (total number of games is above 600).
Game variety is lacking (no live casino or games are only slots) or the casino does not have the most popular game providers (total number of games is above 500).
Number of games below average and missing most popular game providers (total number of games is around 400).
Inadequate assortment of games, top games from providers such as NetEnt missing (total number of games is under 350).
Neither the number of games nor their quality is convincing (total number of games is under 250).

Customer support

All online casinos on our site provide a minimum level of customer support to their players. However, we appreciate a hefty dose of attentive and dedicated customer care. Reviews should comment on the types of customer support channels provided by the casino and how effectively they are managed.

Here's a guide to help you rate a casino's customer support function:

Live chat immediately available and excellent email response speed. Friendly and well-mannered customer care in general.
Good customer service but could do with improvement in speed or friendliness.
Customer service channels are acceptable but limited in their scope and usefulness (e.g. live chat is missing).
Extensive shortcomings in the level of customer service provided.
Customer service provided is very poor and not practical at all.

Banking methods

An online casino should focus on making transactions to and from the casino simple and efficient. Players want to know how easy and safe it is to transfer money for playing games in any given casino. When you have a good grasp of how money transfers work for a specific online casino, you can play with more ease of mind.

A high-quality casino should support plenty of banking options to cater for many tastes. For example, casino sites that accept Paypal or let casino sites let you top up your casino account on mobile aren't hard to find on Bojoko.

Here's how you can rate a casino's money transfers or transactions:

Most common withdrawal methods are offered and quickly processed, money transfers are free or carry a minor fee.
Withdrawals are not efficient enough or money transfers include high and unnecessary costs.
Withdrawals paid out at a slower-than-average rate.
Withdrawals are too slow with additional transfer costs.
Depositing is not recommended because money transfers are not reliable.

Mobile performance

Casinos are focusing more on the mobile experience on their site and in their reviews. Increasingly, mobile casino sites, apps, and devices are favored over the traditional desktop version by players in the US and beyond.

If you're a gamer on the go, check what other users are saying about the casino's mobile experience. Keep your eyes peeled for new, innovative features that streamline the casino experience on mobile.

Here's a guide for rating a casino's mobile performance:

Exceptional mobile casino, user-friendly site, diverse selection of games and top-quality basic features.
Missing or defective elements from an otherwise acceptable mobile casino (low number of games or lack of banking methods).
Mobile site has obvious shortcomings that hamper the gaming experience.
Very primitive mobile site lacking significant features found in the desktop version.
No mobile functionality whatsoever.


Online casino reviews give you a first-hand experience of playing on a casino site. Our accurate and up-to-date online casino information lists the important properties of a casino.

When sifting through the casinos' information and especially the ratings, seek out:

  • Genuine, objective, and balanced accounts that are informative and unbiased.
  • Answers to questions you may already have, and insight you didn't even know you needed.
  • Raw accounts of player experience, even though they sometimes may be written in a heated state of mind.
  • Summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the casino.

Bojoko is the best place to find detailed online casino reviews for US players, by US players. Our online casino reviews include:

  • The listing made in collaboration with the casino itself
  • A thorough expert review written by an industry expert

Go to our casino selection tool and apply quick filters to see the top-rated online casino reviews.

Online casino ratings and reviews help players recognize the best US casinos to play in. A negative review also warns others to avoid sites acting dishonestly or offering a bad experience overall.

Every online casino rating is compiled by enthusiastic players. Read about the highlights of any casino and leave your own review when you're ready to share your casino rating with everyone.

Remember to be thorough and fair in your descriptions and online casino ratings. Your input is invaluable in helping us make the online casino industry a better one for all.

As an online casino reviewer, make sure what you say is relevant and helpful to other Bojoko community members. Keep in mind that they are reading your review to understand what kind of experience they'll get if they sign up to the online casinos you reviewed.

Maintain a safe environment. We don't allow any profanity or vulgarities in our user reviews.


Find US online casino reviews


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