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New online casino bonuses

By Ville Saari. Updated:

Bojoko helps you with finding the latest casino bonuses. The world is filled to the brim with all sorts of bonus offers and it's sometimes hard to find interesting new casino bonuses. We've all seen the standard bonuses and want something fresh.

Bojoko is here to help you with finding the latest casino bonus offers. We are always adding new casinos to our site and growing the list of new bonuses.

A list of the newest bonuses

You can find the best bonus offers right here on Bojoko. We are constantly improving our selection and finding more casinos to list. Our custom search tool is the key to finding the right casinos and the best bonuses for you.

Browse through the casino list or add your own filters to find just the right bonus for you. We can't tell you what is best for you, but with our tool, you can easily find it.

Read more about new bonuses

Here, you'll find all the latest casino bonuses, learn about new bonus mechanics and find the best offers for you.

Latest online casino bonuses US

Bojoko helps you find new casino bonuses

We here on Bojoko are always finding new casinos and new bonuses to add to our site. We already have an extensive library of casino bonuses and it is constantly growing.

On Bojoko, we aim to keep the information of the online casinos relevant and up-to-date. If the casinos have new bonus offers, our casino listing is quickly updated by our dedicated team. On top of that, we have casino experts who test and review the sites with real money deposits.

This way, you get two layers of user experiences and you can read how those casinos are truly like. You don't need to just take their word anymore, now you get the actual first-hand experience as well.

What are new bonuses

New bonus offers are a fairly simple concept. They are bonus offers that have been added or updated recently. With new bonuses, you might also need new bonus codes for online casinos.

Most of the old casinos don't change their bonus offer very often. Your standard welcome bonuses (also called deposit bonuses) are basically set in stone and are valid for years. If the bonus works, why change it. This is why you don't see many older casinos in the new casino bonus list.

That being said, there are some casinos that have a habit of changing their bonus constantly. Their marketing tactic is to always have something new for the players. For better or worse, they want fresh deals.

Usually, the latest casino bonus is the one that comes from the newest casino. Checking out the new casinos gives you a pretty good picture of what the new bonuses look like. They are the ones that need to make a flashy entrance in order to stand out.

Casinos do try to one-up each other, but there is a limit on how easy or profitable they can make their bonuses. This is why browsing the latest online casino bonuses can reveal some gems.

Temporary vs. permanent bonuses

Casinos don't tend to change their welcome bonuses often. If they have an interesting offer, they run with that for years.

There is one thing though that you should keep an eye out and that is campaigns. These ever-changing bonus offers are only available for a limited time. They are either one-time deals or recurring offers like a bonus calendar.

They can be worth your time if you like the casino that has them. If your casino of choice has campaigns or a bonus calendar, it's good to keep an eye on it and deposit when you can get the best value. Just check out the casino's promotion page and see the latest casino bonus codes for that week or month.

One thing worth mentioning about them is the bonus terms. Welcome bonuses tend to always have the easiest terms and the least amount of playthrough required. Their point is to get you through the doors, the other bonuses are just there to make you feel like you get more bang for your buck. Read more about the different bonus terms on our bonus page.

How to find new bonuses

Find a new bonus offer from our casino list

1. Find a new bonus from our casino list

Here on Bojoko, we have a great list of online casinos with new bonuses. You can use ready-made quick filters to match your needs.

Read the casino reviews from experts and users

2. Read the reviews from experts and users

After you have selected a bonus offer, you can read what other users and our experts have said about that casino. Their first-hand experience can be very helpful.

Go to the casino

3. Go to the casino

Every review page has a big green ‘PLAY HERE' button that will take you directly to the casino. If the new bonus is a special bonus offer, that button is the way to get it.

Register an account and claim your bonus

4. Register an account and claim your bonus

If this is a new casino for you, you need to first register an account. Fill the required information and the bonus code if it is asked at this point. Then you can claim your bonus.

Find new casino bonuses

How have new bonuses evolved

What we now know as standard casino bonus packages were not always a thing. New casinos tend to come up with new ideas, which might then become the new norm.

Match bonuses are one of the oldest forms of bonuses and they have been popular enough to stay as the de facto bonus for new players. But even things like free spins were once seen as innovative and new. Cashbacks for example have been making waves, especially in the Nordic pay'n play styled casinos.

Over the years, we have seen the rise and occasionally fall of bonuses. Bonus wheels, random offers, and level-up bonuses have grown in popularity, but some stranger bonus offers have disappeared. One of the more legendary bonuses of the past was a free play bonus. You had a time limit and everything you won with free spins in that time you got to keep as bonus money.

This also means that we might see a new bonus mechanic pop up at some point. A new casino bonus that we have never seen before could take over and become the new norm.

New casino bonuses and responsible gaming

Casino bonuses are a fun way to get additional funds to your account. In the end, they are still just an acquisition tool that is designed to get you to join in or deposit more. Bonus money is normally used after your real money is already gone. Completing the playthrough requirement is not an impossible task, but you are taking a risk. 

Always remember to play with only what you can afford to lose and not use gambling as a way to fix any financial problems. Gambling is a form of entertainment and should always be viewed as such.


New bonuses can be an improvement over the old, but not always. All bonuses should be looked at as individuals, rather than just think that new equals better.

New casino bonuses can offer some innovative perks and new ways to get benefits. They are always worth a look, but remember to check the terms to see if they are actually worth a deposit.

Most casinos don't change their welcome bonuses easily. Some have had the same bonus offer for a good five years before having any need to change them. A good bonus is a solid way to draw in new players, so changes don't come easy. 

At newer casinos, you tend to see change a bit more often, as they are looking for that right balance. Even then, we are talking about a year's time.

Then there are those casinos that can't make up their mind and change their bonus constantly. These are rare, but they keep changing their bonuses almost once a month.

Even though campaigns often have the same type of benefits as welcome, they can differ wildly in quality. Bonuses that are given to you after you have already joined a casino are generally weaker.

You commonly get lesser bonus percentages, smaller bonus maximums and the terms can be tighter. On the upside, campaigns and bonus calendars can give you at least some kind of a bonus every time you want to deposit.

Bonus terms and playthrough requirements vary from one bonus to the next. Newer bonuses are not strictly better or worse but have to be examined as equals.

The requirements do get harder if you are already a customer at that casino. Welcome bonuses have very low requirements, whereas new reload bonuses have noticeably harder terms.


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