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Best payout slots online

By Ville Saari. Updated:

Bojoko helps you find the best paying slot machines. The best way to find them is to learn about RTP, or Return To Player, which means how much the slot will pay back to players in the long run. There are thousands of slots out there and it's not easy to go through them all to find a good slot with a nice payout percentage.

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On this page, you'll learn about slot payouts and RTP, find the highest RTP slots and discover the casinos that have them.

Best payout slot machines

Bojoko helps you find the best paying slot machines

On Bojoko, you'll find everything you need to know about slots. We strive for credibility and honesty. We work closely with game developers and in most cases, get our slot data straight from them.

What is RTP?

There are two ways of looking at the question of which slot machines pay the best. One is the highest single win and the other is RTP. Looking at a single win is actually deceiving because it doesn't take into account how often you can win it, which is why we usually pay attention to the RTP.

RTP = Return to Player = Payout percentage

RTP stands for Return To Player. It tells you statistically how much money the game will give back to the players as wins.

EXAMPLE: A game has an RTP of 97%. On average, it will give the players 97 dollars as wins for every 100 dollars staked.

This simply means that the best paying slot machine, in the long run, is the one with the highest RTP. Of course, things aren't simple when you look at a regular short session. There are things like volatility and win rate which can change things around. RTP is calculated from millions of spins, which is much more than any real-life play session.

Payout percentage tells you how much of your bet you'll win back on average

To mix the pot a little more, you can't just blindly follow the RTP to see which slot will pay out in the long term. Some games, like progressive jackpot slots, have a surprisingly low RTP. This is a bit of an anomaly that is caused by the ever-increasing jackpot. That being said, people don't usually play jackpot games for their RTP, but rather for the possibility of a single big win.

And as a small extra, you could take into account the hit rate of a slot. This just means how often the machine gives you any kind of a win. These are the slot machines that payout the most often, but the wins might be tiny. Some nefariously designed games will make you think you win almost every time when you actually get back less than what you paid for that spin.

How to find casinos with the best payout slot machines

Find casinos with high RTP slots from our list

1. Find casinos with high RTP slots from our list

We have a massive list of casinos with high RTP slots here on Bojoko. Use our ready-made filters to fine-tune the list or add personal filters to find the perfect casino for you.

Read the reviews from experts

2. Read the reviews from experts

After you have chosen a casino, you can read what other people have said about it. Reviews from our experts will help you get a clear idea of what it's like to play there.

Go to the casino

3. Go to the casino

Every review page has a big green ‘PLAY HERE' button that takes you to the casino. If we have any kind of a special bonus offer available, that button is the way to get it.

Register and play

4. Register and play

You need to register an account when you want to start playing. Just follow the instructions, fill the required information and verify your email if asked. Then you can deposit and play the best high RTP slots.

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List of the top RTP slots

Statistically speaking, the best payout slots and high RTP slots are the one and the same. So the slot machine with the highest RTP is the one that pays the most.

Slots have come a long way when it comes to the RTP. Back in the day before online slots, it was common to have fruit machines with an RTP of 75-85%. The players didn't have many options, so you played what you could. Then the era of remote gambling began and everything changed.

Just two decades later, slots had an average RTP of around 96%. If a developer's new slot dips below that, the game better be amazing in every other aspect.

You can check out some of the highest RTP slots in the world right here on Bojoko.

One thing you might notice quickly is that they are very simple games. They usually don't have many bonus features or may even be actual three-reeled fruit machines. This is because it is easier to make a balanced game with a big RTP if it doesn't have volatile features. It's simply better business for the casino.

Highest RTP games

If you go by RTP alone, the best games to play aren't always slots. Sure, some slots have come close, but the highest RTP can still be found elsewhere.

If you can bet on it, an honest coin flip has an RTP of 100%.

In a coin flip, Neither party has any edge and if you play long enough, you get back exactly what you put in.

Let's be real. No casino is going to offer a game, where they don't have the edge. Why would you run a business that has fair odds or even worse, costs you money in the long run? Many casino games have an RTP of well above 90%, but the closest thing to a coin flip is Baccarat. It doesn't have the absolute highest RTP, but it is just as easy to play.

Baccarat can have as high as 98.94% RTP.

Baccarat has a high theoretical RTP, but this is not always the case. Some casinos will take a bigger fee on the banker's hands. Baccarat has always been a favorite of many high-rollers because of the high chance of doubling your bet. It is like betting on red or black in Roulette, but without that zero sector.

Other great choices are Blackjack using Basic Strategy, video pokers, and French Roulette. These are all heavily casino and developer-dependent. You need to check the RTP for that particular game you want to play yourself. Here are some of the possible RTP's:

NOTE: Many video pokers require you to play with a very specific bet level to get the high RTP. Usually, it is the most expensive bet you can make in that game.

RTP and bonus wagering

One of the best uses for slots with high RTP is filling up those bonus wagering requirements. This is especially good if you find a game that also has low volatility.

A game like this should return most of the money you put in it and do it fairly reliably. You might not get ahead, but at least you get to play a lot of rounds.

Casinos know about this and they try to stop you from doing it. If you read the bonus terms, you can often find a list of games that you can't play while filling up a wagering requirement. Every single one of these prohibited games has a high RTP. In the player's eyes, the best casinos don't restrict these games.

Check out our bonus page for more detailed info about game restrictions while wagering.

Volatility vs variance vs RTP

RTP is all about mathematics and long-term calculations. This is why some games might feel like they suck every last cent out of you even if they should have a massive RTP. What you experienced is variance and not the effect of RTP.

A slightly simplified explanation is that variance is the statistical value of how much a system deviates from the average. In slots, it just means that in a short session the slot might not behave in the same manner as it does in the long run.

Developers often call the statistical variance of a slot its volatility. A slot with low volatility will not deviate much from the average but a high volatility slot will.

To be fair, we are splitting hairs here. Unless you are a mathematician, variance and volatility are basically the exact same thing.

RTP is usually calculated over millions and millions of spins. The random number generator can produce an insane amount of possible spins and the RTP is the result of all of them. No human can ever play this many rounds. That is why when we play, we have to deal with variance.

Variance can be a player's best friend, as it is the reason why you can win. If there is no variance, then the players would always just lose. You would put a dollar in and get 97 cents back every single time. Play enough and you lose it all. Variance is what makes it possible to put a dollar in and get two dollars back.

You can change the RTP

RTP is not always something that is set in stone. You as the player can actually change it. Some games have a variable RTP and if you know what to do, you can optimize it.

The first thing you can do is to look where you play. Most of the slots have the same RTP on every casino, but not always. When a casino gets a slot from a developer, the casino can often choose between few preset RTP values the one they want to use. If they want to be competitive, they go for the high number and if they want more profit, they go for a low one.

Book of the Dead slot has RTP settings that range between 89% and 96%

This is not something that just old sites do or just the brand new casinos. It is hard to tell without checking out the slot for yourself. Our slot pages always list the highest RTP that particular slot can have, so it's good to check what is the real RTP on your favorite casino.

Second thing is to read the game rules. Some slots have a variable RTP that is changed by your bet level or activating certain in-game features.

EXAMPLE: In Hotline 2, the number of Hotlines you have active increases the RTP of the entire slot.

Knowing this, you can play a bit more optimized. Find out what is the optimal wager and way to play so you have the best chances.

Conclusion - Does RTP matter?

Now you might be asking yourself, is any of this information important? That is a fair question to ask. Some players want to optimize their play experience and try to do everything in their power to maximize the chances of winning. To those players, finding the highest RTP game or best-paying slot is important.

To your average player, RTP is something noteworthy. It's good to know what it is, what it means, and which slots have high or low ratings. You don't need to go out of your way to find the slot machines with the best payouts, but you might steer clear of the worst ones. The difference between the highest payout slot machines and a fun game might not be that much.

Gambling will always have a negative long-term outcome

In the end, I do have to remind you that gambling always has a negative outcome in the long run. The longer you play, the likelier it is that the casino wins. It doesn't matter how high the RTP is, because it will always be below 100%.

Play slots to have fun, not to fix your financial issues. RTP is something that you might want to keep an eye out for, but you can have fun playing games with lesser percentages.


If you want to optimize your play patterns and go for every single edge, then yes. Otherwise, just play games that are fun for you. Although, some slots with high RTP can be used to fill wagering requirements on casino bonuses.

Statistically speaking, the best-paying slot machines are the ones with the highest RTP. In the long run, these slots return more money back to the player.

The highest RTP can be found in the Mega Joker slot by NetEnt. It is closely followed by Jackpot 6000.

RTP is the theoretical average amount that a game will pay out when looking at a large sample size. The game developer looks at every possible outcome the random number generator can produce and see how much the game will pay back to the players.

RTP is the long-term average payout percentage. Volatility tells you how much the game will deviate from that. The higher the volatility, the further away the game will sway to both directions.

No. That information is basically useless. The casino can have as high average RTP as they want and it doesn't change the RTP of that one game you want to play. The best payout is more about what choices the players make. 


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