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3D slots online US

By Kati Saari. Updated:

Bojoko helps you discover the 3D slots online. No, you don't need any special glasses to enjoy 3D slots - just your computer or smartphone. Get entertained by the graphics that really pop and make the slots feel more alive than ever.

On this page, we dive head-first into the world of 3D slots; what are they, who makes them and where can you play them.

Experience awesome 3D slots at casinos

Below, you can check out our list of online casino sites offering 3D slot machines. Some of the casinos might have a specific category for 3D slots. But, if the site doesn't have any detailed filters, you just need to know which suppliers are known for making 3D games. Later on this page, we'll introduce some game providers best known for such slots.

3D casino slots games

Find 3D slots on Bojoko

On Bojoko, we've gathered a great number of slots from different suppliers and collected all the relevant information about them. For example, you can check out the RTP, volatility, allowed maximum bet, and how much you can potentially win. We also update our list of new online slots regularly.

It's safe to say that all casinos offer at least some 3D slots, as they're highly popular. Also, almost every mainstream supplier has 3D slots in their catalog. It's also worth mentioning that every single casino on Bojoko is fully US-licensed.

Several of our casinos and slots have one or more reviews, written by our experts. The casino reviews should help you to decide if a casino is worth further exploring.

What is a 3D slot?

A 3D slot is a slot game that has been enhanced with 3D graphics. No need to dig those old cardboard glasses with red and green lenses, though!

In this case, having 3D graphics means that the slot has been designed with elements that look like they are three-dimensional. A good example would be Gonzo's Quest because the fully 3D animated main character is easy to spot - even for those who aren't sure what to look at yet.

Having 3D animations can make the graphics highly enticing for the player and the game itself memorable. They can also make the game look more alive, even when the reels aren't spinning. Even if it's just a slightly moving background or a mascot hanging around.

However, if you've only played mechanical or 2D online slots, you might be in for a surprise. Online 3D slots may have a very different-looking play area and some of them have discarded the traditional reels altogether. If this is the case, I recommend reading about how the slots work first.

3D slot or video slot

Find 3D slots on Bojoko

Hold on, you might ask, what's the difference between 3D slot games and video slots? Certainly, a 3D slot can also be called a video slot, but a video slot isn't a synonym for a 3D slot. 

Technically, all online slots are video slots, because none of them has nor could have any actual mechanical reels. Instead, everything you see on the screen has been created with computer graphics.

If an online slot has three-dimensional graphics and features which couldn't be replicated in a regular mechanical slot, then it is both a video slot and a 3D slot. Don't worry, if you can't get your head around it first - separating these two concepts isn't always a straightforward thing.

EXAMPLE 1: Wild Walker by Pragmatic Play is a video slot and a 3D slot.

EXAMPLE 2: Victorious by NetEnt is a video slot but it's not a 3D slot.

3D slots on a smartphone

You can play 3D casino slots on a cell phone too. However, many suppliers have chosen to reduce 3D elements when the slot is played on a cell. The smooth playability weighs more than having enhanced graphics.

Some slots might give you the option to select the quality of graphics before starting to play, but this isn't a mainstream feature. Usually, the slot is just a slightly stripped version of the one the PC players get to enjoy. 

Luckily, the slots these days are far better optimized than a few years ago. Because of that, you can't even tell the difference between the graphics of a slot that's been optimized for a cell phone and the PC version.

How to find 3D slots

Find a casino with 3D slots from our list

1. Find a casino with 3D slots from our list

On Bojoko, you can easily check out US-licensed online casinos available. You can browse the list as it is, or use filters and arrange the results to fit your needs better.

Read the 3D slot reviews of our experts

2. Read the reviews of our experts

Our team of experts are constantly testing out casinos and slots, so that you get to read honest reviews. Their experiences might help you to decide where you want to play.

Go to the casino

3. Go to the casino

Every casino review page has a big 'PLAY HERE' button, which will take you to the online casino. We recommend using this button, as it makes you eligible for any special bonus if such is available through Bojoko.

Register and play 3D slots

4. Register and play 3D slots

Registering to a casino takes only minutes, after which you're able to make your first deposit with the method of your choosing. In most cases, deposits appear to the casino account without delay and you're ready to play the 3D slots!

Find casinos with 3D slots

Suppliers known for 3D slots

Certain game suppliers are more known as 3D slot manufacturers than others - these include names like:

By any means, these are not the only suppliers holding 3D slots, so be sure to be on the lookout for any hidden gems.

Betsoft, however, deserves to be the first name on the list. They were among the first suppliers to produce slots with eye-captivating graphics that made it possible to create features like never before. 3D graphics, then powered by Flash and later with HTML5, laced the slots with video intros and cutaway scenes. Eye-candy like this didn't go unnoticed, and Betsoft's games quickly became like the royalty of 3D slots.

Nowadays, online casinos have a massive selection of video slots and 3D slots. On Bojoko, some of the most popular 3D slots include titles like:

Betsoft: Mr. Vegas

  • Released: 2010
  • RTP: 93.8%
  • Features: Progressive jackpot, bonus game

Up for a night in Vegas? For some of us, the city of Las Vegas and the iconic Strip with casino resorts after another is simply too far, but luckily there are online 3D vegas slots like Mr. Vegas. Filled to the brim with bling and luxury, Mr. Vegas takes you to the hottest casinos to try your luck.

Find Mr. Vegas on a casino


NetEnt: Gonzo's Quest

  • Released: 2011
  • RTP: 95.97%
  • Features: Free spins, cascading reels, win multipliers

Gonzo's Quest is, next to Starburst, one of the most known and popular NetEnt slots. Even though it's far from being a new game on the market, Gonzo himself looks fresh as ever, and the 3D graphics work nicely. Finding the lost city of El Dorado is definitely as exciting as it was in 2011.

Find Gonzo's Quest on a casino


NetEnt: Jack and the Beanstalk

  • Released: 2011
  • RTP: 96.3%
  • Features: Free spins, walking wilds, stacked wilds

Jack and the Beanstalk by NetEnt has beautiful 3D animations that hold well despite the years passed by. Jack himself is rooting for you next to the reels and, if you manage to collect enough magic beans, climbs up to the castle in the clouds for the free spins.

Find Jack and the Beanstalk on a casino


Pros and cons of 3D Slots

Apart from looking better than ordinary slots or video slots, having 3D graphics can mean a lot of other things too. Let's see what are the costs and benefits of having 3D animation in a slot.

Pros of 3D slots

Possible intro videos and cutscenes

Many 3D slots open up with a short introduction video that sets the mood or gives the game some sort of background story. This adds depth to the experience and can give the player the impression of an advancing storyline.

Enhanced visuals in the game

During the game, the 3D graphics can liven up the slot - even when you're not actually doing anything. The 3D characters or other elements can also react to what happens on the reels, like cheering with you when there's a big win.

Innovative bonus features

3D graphics make it possible for the slot to have far superior features than regular slots. 

EXAMPLE: The Avalanche feature which makes the reels cascade in Gonzo's Quest wouldn't be possible to make without 3D animation.

Better audio and music effects

With 3D graphics often comes enhanced audio and music effects, so in many cases, 3D slots sound better than 2D slots.

Cons of 3D slots

3D graphics can be heavy

Not so much of a problem these days when the games run on HTML5 instead of Flash. However, some older slots can still be quite heavy on slower connections or devices as they're not optimized well enough. The heavy graphics can make the reels spin sluggishly or worse. 

Slower gameplay

Usually, the 3D intro videos and/or cutscenes can be skipped. But, sometimes the supplier decides to have a visual feature in the game that can't be skipped or even speeded up.

3D graphics might be too distracting

If a slot has an overwhelming amount of visual elements, it can become too distracting and actually make the game almost unplayable. For example, could you focus on the actual slot if there would be a soaring eagle constantly flying over the reels, or guns blazing from left and right? Luckily, the more experienced slot suppliers do pay attention to this and place playability over the graphics.

Play 3D slots responsibly

Captivating visuals and fun cutscenes can give a lot of character to a slot game, but they're not there just to make the slot look pretty. Sure, the moving 3D elements can draw more attention to a certain slot, but they have also been designed to keep your focus off your balance and the time you've spent playing.

The smooth animation style and eye-popping features give you the constant feeling of action, even when you're not spinning the reels. Everything in the slot from the happy jingles to funny 3D characters is meant to keep you playing longer.

This is why we on Bojoko want to remind you to play responsibly. It's good to understand that casinos are there to make a profit on you. So, the longer you play, the likelier it becomes for the house to win. Never treat gambling as a way to earn money and always play with funds you can afford to lose.

There are easy ways to control your gambling. The casinos offer such tools with which you can limit the money you're spending and your time at the casino. Use these tools and stick to the budget, and don't deposit more to try to make back your losses.

Playing 3D slots should be for entertainment purposes only, not a solution for financial issues.

3D slots FAQ

A 3D slot is an online slot machine that has three-dimensional features, like 3D animated characters, cutscenes, and effects. 3D animations are a popular method to make the slot look more alive and interesting, and many new slots do have 3D graphics to an extent.

Many game suppliers do, but the most known names in the industry are Betsoft, NetEnt, and Microgaming. You can find many of their 3D slots from almost any online casino on our casino list. With our lists and handy filters, finding 3D slots online for US players is easy as pie.

You can play slots at an online casino, using your computer or mobile. The 3D slots run on the browser like any online casino game, so you don't need any additional apps, programs, or devices to enjoy them.

You can start playing right now by checking our casino reviews, selecting the site that interests you the most, and registering a new account. After that, you can make a deposit and play 3D slots.

That depends where you're located. At the moment, online casinos are legal and you can play slots as well as 3D slots in the following US states:

  • Delaware
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia

There are quite a few 3D slots and they all are different, so it depends on what you think makes the slot best. Here are a few options for you to get you started, each reviewed by our experts:

  • The Invisible Man by NetEnt
  • Pirates' Plenty by Red Tiger
  • Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time by Betsoft

If you were left hungry for more, you can also check out our full list of 3D slots.

If you're after the best RTP, volatility, or maximum wins, then the answer would be no in general. But, if the visual experience is an important element for you, then yes. Better graphics can also mean more entertaining bonus features or random events in the game.


Find casinos with 3D slots


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