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Best slingo sites and games 2022

By Kati Saari. Updated:

Slingo is a fun game type combining the best features of slots and bingo. If you love bingo, and slots, you got to try slingo bingo games - now available at online casinos as well! However, opening a slingo game for the first time can be a confusing experience, as the games usually bombard you with game rules and explanations. Learn all the basics of slingo games at your own pace with help from Bojoko.

Play slingo games at these US casinos

Below, you can check out all the slingo casinos where you may enjoy Slingo originals by Gaming Realms. Each casino is fully licensed and regulated in the US.

US Slingo games and sites

What is slingo

How Slingo Lucky Streak looks on mobile

Slingo, sometimes also called "slingo bingo", is a game that combines all the best features of bingo and slots. A traditional slingo game is played with a 5x5 grid, resembling greatly a bingo slip. For a single bet, the player gets a certain number of spins and the results mark off the numbers on the grid. The aim is to get as many bingos, or in this case, "slingos", and ultimately get the entire grid marked off.

Each slingo (five marks on a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line) progresses the player up on the prize ladder. The ladder is always visible on computer screens, and on mobile, it needs to be opened manually from the menu or by tapping a separate button. The ladder shows all the possible prizes on each step. The prizes can be cash or bonus games.

Slingo is available as a casual game as well as a casino game where you bet and win real money. On this page, we mostly focus on the casino version and on which online casinos you can play Slingo.

How to play slingo games

Slingo games aren't as intuitive as slots or regular bingo, so they can feel a bit confusing at the beginning. But, once you learn the basics, it gets much easier to understand how slingo games work even if each of them is a bit different from another.

How to play slingo - basic steps

The goal of the game is to get slingos, which you would know better as "bingos", and ultimately to fill the whole grid which awards you the "full house" prize. In the short run, just focus on getting as many horizontal, vertical or diagonal slingos as you can.

  1. Select your bet size. Changing the bet lets you see the prizes for each bet level.
  2. Start the game. You'll get a certain number of spins, usually around 10, for the single bet.
  3. Mark numbers off. The game marks off correct numbers automatically.
  4. Watch out for special symbols. The game can contain special symbols such as Jokers, Super Jokers, instant cash prizes, and free spins.
  5. Bet more for extra spins. Once the initial spins are finished, you have the option to keep spinning for betting more.

Special symbols

Depending on the game, more special symbols can be available than what's mentioned here. You could win a bonus game, or get special wins from collecting enough certain special symbols on a single spin. Be sure to check the game rules every time you start playing a slingo game you haven't tried yet.

Slingo games and strategy

As explained above, the player does have some strategic wiggling room in most of the slingo games.

So, how to win Slingo? Let's take a deeper look at what is it you can do to maximize your odds, and what to keep in mind while playing.


1. Take your time choosing the Slingo game to play.

There are dozens of slingo games available at online casinos and almost every single one is, in some way, unique. While in some Slingos you can win cash prizes, in some you're playing for winning a bonus game. Bonus games are a sort of wild cards compared to solid cash, but they still have the possibility to pay up multiple times more than cash prizes.

2. Use your Wilds carefully.

Wilds and Special Wilds are symbols that let you choose which numbers you mark off. Here, you have your first chance on exercising strategic thinking - vertical slingos are harder to get than horizontal.

3. Are the extra spins worth the risk?

After the initial spins are over, you might be tempted to buy more spins to fill out the gaps and win more slingos. Pay attention to your bet level, how much you've already won, and how much it's possible for you to win if you happen to spin the numbers you need. At this point, it's very crucial for you to keep your cool and do the math - how much are you willing to bet, and how much the profit would be?


Cheaper Full House

This strategy is worth the shot for those who are ready and willing to put more on the line and want to reach for the big bucks by getting a "full house", meaning every single number marked off. This strategy also involves the Wilds, but not in the way you might think at first!

The cost of the round depends on how many squares are left and how many filled lines you already have. This means that strategically picking the square for Wilds and Super Wilds can make it cheaper to go for every line.

This time, always choose those squares that give you the least amount of Slingos.

The squares that have horizontal, vertical, and a diagonal lines going through them should be the last squares you fill.

EXAMPLE: In Slingo Rainbow Riches with a wager of $1, having two squares missing will cost you $27 if you are at 6 lines or $60 if you are at 8 lines. Both require only two hits to get a full house, but the other is noticeably cheaper.

A thing worth remembering is that even if there are things you can try in Slingo, there is no sure way to win every time you play. Slingo is, most of all, a game of chance, and the majority of what's happening in the game is something the player simply can't have any effect on.

Ready to test your strategy? Play Slingo demo games for free at Slingo Originals, or

Find slingo casinos and play with real money

Slingo games US

Slingo games' payout at online casinos

The majority of slingo casino games are low to medium volatility. This means that theoretically they pay smaller wins and do it more evenly than more volatile games.

The usual RTP in slingo games swings between 95 and 96 percent. This means that, again theoretically, for each $1 bet the players get 95-96% back as winnings. Read more about RTP and how it's calculated.

The maximum wins of slingo games can go from 500x up to 5,000x your bet. Currently, Slingo Inca Trail offers one of the biggest maximum wins of 5,000x.

There are some high volatile slingo games, such as Slingo Sweet Bonanza and Slingo XXXtreme. But, in relatively short periods of gaming, you probably don't notice any difference as things like level of volatility and RTP are calculated from tens of millions of spins.

Are slingo games worth it

Many of the slingo games will definitely get you a good bang for your buck, as you get to play a long period of time with just the initial bet. They're fun and, in addition, the player has at least some control and can affect the outcome of the game with the help of Jokers and Special Jokers which allow the player to mark off numbers of their choice.

The 95-96% return to player isn't too shabby, either - it actually goes pretty well hand in hand with most regular online slots.

Slingo games are definitely something you should try at least once, if not with real money, then at least in demo mode. There are some great prizes for grabs, too, especially if playing slingo games with bonus games.

What Slingo Rainbow Riches game looks like

Slingo Rainbow Riches brings the highly popular Rainbow Riches slot from SG Digital to the Slingo universe! Try to fill the 5x5 grid to get slingos and advance up on the prize ladder. With five or more slingos on the grid, you win a bonus game. There are a total of seven different bonus games, of which the fully marked-off grid will award you with the Pots of Gold bonus.

  • RTP: 95.6%
  • Volatility: 3/5
  • Maximum payout: 1,000x

Find a casino from our list to play this game

What Slingo Reel King game looks like

Slingo Reel King works very much like a standard Slingo game with a 5x5 grid on which you try to mark off the numbers and collect slingos. However, each reel can randomly make a sound, a "ding", and move you along the trail visible on the top of the screen. Reaching at least stage 5 will trigger a Reel King bonus and the further you get on the rail, the more valuable the bonus game will be.

  • RTP: 95%
  • Volatility: 2/5
  • Maximum payout: 500x

Find a casino from our list to play this game

What Slingo Shark Week game looks like

Slingo Shark Week is a game that was made in collaboration with the Discovery Channel show "Shark Week". The game is your usual Slingo with a 5x5 grid, and getting at least five slingos guarantees a prize from the prize ladder. With five slingos you'll get a cash reward, and with six or more slingos you'll get access to a bonus game.

  • RTP: 95.36%
  • Volatility: 3/5
  • Maximum payout: 790x

Find a casino from our list to play this game

How to find the best slingo casino

Find casinos with online Slingo games

1. Find a casino offering Slingo games from our list

Take a look at Bojoko's list of slingo sites on this page. There, we've collected all US-licensed online casinos where you can play slingo games for real money.

Read the reviews of our experts

2. Read the reviews

Opening the full review of a casino from the list lets you read what we thought about the casino and how it compares to others. This way, you can easily make a decision on whether to register to the casino, or should you keep browsing.

Go to the casino

3. Go to the casino

Once you've made up your mind, you can find the big green 'PLAY HERE' button on the review page. Tap or click the button to access the casino's site. If Bojoko should have a special bonus available, clicking the button makes you eligible for getting it.

Register an account and play

4. Register an account and play

Registering to the casino allows you to have your own player account where you can deposit money and play the games. Now it's just the matter of which Slingo game you'll be trying out first!

Find slingo casinos

Slingo's history in a nutshell

Slingo, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Sal Falciglia Sr., who also invented slingo games. The first game of Slingo launched in 1996 on AOL and became an instant hit. In 1999, the first physical Slingo slot game was launched in a partnership with Caesar Entertainment and IGT.

When was launched in 2002, people had a new place to play slingo games online besides AOL. In 2008, they even made a pilot episode of the Slingo game show, but it sadly wasn't picked up for production.

Come to July 2013, RealNetworks acquired Slingo for $15.6 million. Slingo was then sold for $18 million to Gaming Realms, which is the current owner of Slingo. Gaming Realms also produces regular bingo, slots, and other casual games.

Play slingo games responsibly

Slingos are fun and easy to play once you've grasped the basic gameplay rules, yet they can also be surprisingly expensive to play.

While the initial round of Slingo costs only the bet you chose before starting the game, you have the option to buy more spins by paying more. In the beginning, the extra spins may not cost too much. But, as the odds for your win grow higher, so does the price of the extra spins.

Acknowledging that the player might gamble more than they meant to, most of the slingo games show an affirmation message. This message will be shown to the player after they've clicked the spin button and when the spin cost has risen substantially. The player then has to confirm that they're aware of how much more they are gambling for the win.

In addition, in many games by Slingo / Gaming Realms, the player can set limits on how much they are allowed to bet on a single round. This option is found under the menu and selecting the shield icon or 'PLAY CONTROLS'.

Bojoko is a strong advocate of responsible gambling. Please refer to our Responsible gaming page for help and information.


Slingo is a type of game that mixes up slots and bingo. You choose a bet, spin the reels and mark off the numbers present on the reels.

  1. Select your bet size.
  2. Start the game.
  3. Mark numbers off.
  4. Watch out for special symbols.
  5. Bet more for extra spins.

You can find more detailed instructions with explanations of special symbols in the paragraph How to play slingo games.

While it's pretty easy to find free slingo games online, the online casino versions may be trickier. Don't worry, we got you covered! Just check out our list of US online casinos where you can play slingo games for money.


The average return to the player percent of slingo games is 95-96%, which means that in theory, you'll get 95-96 cents back for every dollar you bet. However, remember that RTP is theoretical and calculated from tens of millions of spins in a long time span.

Read more about slingo games' payouts.

Yes, you can strategize a bit when playing slingo.

  1. Choose your game wisely and do some comparisons instead of going in blind.
  2. Think about how to spend the Wilds and Special Wilds, don't just slap them anywhere.
  3. Do your math; is buying extra spins worth the price?

Read more about the Slingo strategy.

While there typically aren't bonus offers exclusively for Slingo, usually you can still place bets on Slingo games with your free bonus or deposit bonus.

Check out our list of US licensed online casinos where you can claim a bonus and play Slingos.

Best slingo sites are the online casinos where you can play Slingo originals for real money and, of course, get a nice bonus on the side. Our list of slingo casinos only has sites that are licensed in the US.

The casino list on this page lists only online casinos where you can play Slingo games. As you expand the cards, you can see whether they offer deposit-free bonuses. You can claim and use the bonus to play Slingo for free, but still have the possibility to win real money.


Find casinos with slingo games



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