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Neteller online casinos

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Bojoko helps you find casino banking alternatives to Neteller. Since pulling its service from the US in 2019, Neteller has given statements hinting at its possible return. For the time being, the players located in the United States have to look for other available options.

Security is an important thing, especially when it comes to online money transfers. Neteller might have been your go-to fast and safe banking method, but luckily we do have alternatives.

Play at online casinos offering alternatives to Neteller

No one wants to risk their money before they even get to play with it. This is why e-wallets are so popular. Finding a US casino that accepts Neteller is sadly no longer possible, but that doesn't mean you don't have just as good options.

See the list below introducing Paypal casinos, or add the filters you feel are important and select a casino that is just right for you.

Find the best neteller casino

Bojoko helps you find the best alternatives to  Neteller online casinos

We here on Bojoko want to help you find the best casino just for you. Deposit methods, and especially secure methods, are an important factor in that decision. Casinos often have a big list of deposit methods available, which can be a bit overwhelming especially to newer players. Here you can learn how to use Neteller and find the casinos that accept it.

Because Neteller used to be a readily available deposit method, you can still find a lot of sites claiming to have online casinos accepting Neteller. As Neteller has been discontinued in the US, we can only offer you sites with similar or better alternatives. Check out our list of Paypal casinos, or use the filters of the selection tool to see other available banking methods.

On Bojoko, our experts don't only review casinos for their bonuses and games - they also focus on the banking methods as they are critical details for the player. That way, you don't need to guess which deposit methods work best for you, or how long it takes to get your winnings.

Check out the casinos, read the expert reviews, and learn what it's like to play there.

What is Neteller eWallet

Neteller is an eWallet, which is basically an online bank account. eWallets are an extremely secure way to transfer money, pay for online shopping, and even trade cryptocurrencies. Neteller specializes in online gambling and casino deposits.

Using Neteller is fairly easy and can be quickly learned by anyone. After the initial setup, it's just as fast to use as any other deposit or withdrawal method.

Neteller has been a popular transfer method, especially among poker players. It's a fast and free way to move your money from one casino to the next. If you play on a lot of different sites, then Neteller is a great option for you.

Why Neteller isn't available in the US

In June 2019, Neteller discontinued their service in the US. Paysafe Group, the owner of Neteller, announced the reason being them focusing on Skrill. Like Neteller, Skrill is also a widely known e-money transfer service and nowadays also owned by Paysafe Group.

How to use Neteller

Using Neteller is easy and only takes a couple of extra steps compared to direct deposit methods. After you have completed the initial steps once, you don't need to do them again.

Here is the quick rundown on how to use Neteller. We break these steps down in more detail below.

  1. Register an account
  2. Make a Neteller deposit
  3. Deposit to a casino
  4. Withdraw your wins

Neteller signup

The first thing you need to do is register an account with Neteller. This is a simple process and very similar to registering an account to a casino. You will get an SMS verification code, which you then need to enter to complete the registration.

How to deposit on Neteller

After you log in to your Neteller account, you can deposit money. When you do it the first time, you are guided through the Pay Online process, which includes the deposit step.

Some methods are instantaneous, while others can take up to 5 business days to show up. Make sure you choose one that fits your needs. For example, you can use:

Deposit to the casino

Now that we are done with the initial setup, it's time to play at the casino. Log in to your casino account, hit deposit like always, and choose Neteller. You can select how much you deposit from your Neteller account and then just verify the deposit with your Neteller login.

Withdrawing your wins

When you are done playing, it's time to withdraw your winnings. Hit withdraw like normally, but this time your winnings are paid to your Neteller account.

You can keep the money there if you want to play elsewhere or withdraw it to your bank account. Withdrawing money from your Neteller account is done simply by logging into Neteller and clicking the withdraw button. Choose where you want the money to be sent and you are all done.

How to find alternatives to Neteller casino deposits

Find a US casino from our casino list

1. Browse our list of online casinos

Here on Bojoko, we have a great list of online casinos. Even if Neteller is not available anymore, you can still enjoy easy money transfers. Use the ready-made filters to fine-tune your search or add personal filters to find the one for you.

Read the reviews from experts and users

2. Read the reviews from experts and users

After you have selected a casino, you can read what other users and our experts have said about it. Their personal experience will give you a clear idea what it's like to play there.

Go to the Neteller casino

3. Go to the casino

Every review page has a big green ‘PLAY HERE' button that will take you directly to the casino. If we have a special bonus offer, that button is the way to get it. When you get to the casino, register an account by filling out the required details.

Deposit online

4. Make a deposit

Go to deposit, choose Paypal or another alternative to Neteller as the transfer method and put in the sum you want to deposit.

Find casinos with easy deposits

Neteller fees

Neteller is free to use at casinos, but it's not a completely free service. Depositing money to your Neteller account and withdrawing money from there both have a fee. The fees vary depending on which methods you use.

Neteller True and VIP

Neteller has two loyalty programs, Neteller True and Neteller VIP. VIP is reserved for people with high-volume traffic, but True can be accessed by everyone.

Joining True requires that you download the app, make an eligible deposit and then verify your identity. These are fairly simple steps and the benefits are worth it. The key difference between a regular and True user are cheaper transfer fees and better loyalty bonuses, like refer-a-friend and extra Knect rewards.

Neteller casino bonus

If you have read bonus terms at casinos, you might have noticed that they often say that bonuses aren't available for Neteller or Skrill users. This is a common thing and one reason why players use eWallets less.

Bonus restrictions are there to mainly prevent bonus abuse and money laundering.

This does not mean that you can't get any bonuses if you use Neteller, but it does mean that you need to pay more attention. You need to check the bonus terms and see if that particular bonus is available for Neteller deposits.

New Neteller casinos 2021

For now, it does seem like it's gonna be a while until Neteller continues their business at the US online casino market, if ever. But, even if it looks unlikely for Neteller to return anytime soon, it's still entirely possible.

Neteller history

Neteller started out in 1999 and the company has seen a lot of growth and a lot of competition over the years.

Neteller was founded one year after PayPal. These two companies fought hard to become the de facto online payment method, which PayPal eventually won. After this, Neteller directed its focus towards online gambling.

This move turned out to be great, as Neteller quickly started to dominate the gambling market. In the early 2000s, Neteller processed 80% of all casino payments.

PayPal has skirted around gambling and casinos as well. It is not a common deposit method, but you can find casinos that accept PayPal on our dedicated page.

In 2007, Moneybookers, which later became Skrill, hit the market running. These two companies were heavily competing over the gambling market, so much so that they basically became the two most popular transfer methods among professional players.

Neteller has since started to broaden its services. Their Net+ card has been more popular lately as an extra security measure and the possibility to trade cryptocurrencies has been well received.

Neteller vs. Skrill

Neteller and Skrill are the two most well-known eWallets when it comes to online gambling. They have been fighting over the dominant position ever since Skrill, or Moneybookers at the time, came to challenge Neteller.

Over the years, the battle between the two eWallets has been tight, but it all ended in 2015. That is when Optimal Payments, the parent company of Neteller, bought out Skrill. Skrill Group had bought Paysafecard two years prior bringing them all under one roof.

The services have had a lot of differences over the years, but since the purchase of Skrill, they have been pretty much identical services. They do have some small differences when it comes to fees, available deposit and withdrawal methods, VIP programs, and so on.

In the end, it all boils down to the following key differences:

Neteller and responsible gaming

Gambling is always risky and should be viewed as a form of entertainment. The longer you play, the likelier it is that the casino will win. You should only play with money you can afford to lose.

Using eWallets comes with a risk that you will never completely withdraw your winnings. Some players just move their winnings from one casino to the next and eventually lose them all. People treat money in their eWallet differently than they do money in their actual bank account. This is why it is wise to always withdraw everything to your bank account and then deposit again from all the way back there if you want to play more.

For more information, read our Responsible gaming page.


At the moment, you can't. In June 2019, Neteller officially discontinued their service in the US market.

Before you head over to your casino of choice, you need to register a Neteller account and deposit money to it. Then when you go and play, you deposit money from your Neteller account to the casino just like any other deposit. When you win, your money is first transferred back to your Neteller account.

Depositing and withdrawing funds do come with a fee, but using your money is free. You can deposit to a casino, withdraw your wins without any charges. Using Neteller to pay for online shopping is also free.

Yes. Neteller is one of the oldest and most well-respected eWallets available. They have always focused on security making sure you can use the service without worries.

Using Neteller to transfer money to and from an online casino is instantaneous. Deposits to your Neteller account and withdrawals from there depending on the transfer method. They vary between 0 and 5 days.

Yes. Visa and Mastercard are both available as deposit methods.


Find alternatives to Neteller casinos


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