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eCheck casinos USA

By Jussi Viljanen, Updated:

On Bojoko, you can find all casinos accepting eCheck! eCheck is an electronic check which can be used to transfer money to online casinos. 

There are a ton of casinos available for American players and each has its own preferred transfer methods. Finding an online casino that accepts eChecks and fits your other preferences is not always easy. You don't just want any casino that takes eChecks, you want a good casino with games you like.

We are here to fix that problem. We list, test, and review casinos to make sure you get an accurate picture of what they are really like. Then you can just use our search tool to find the right one for you.

Find the best electronic check casinos - August 2022

Our list will provide you with all US casinos that accept eCheck as a payment method. We have made searching for the right casino easy, as you can just browse them all or add filters. Use the quick filters as a shortcut or create your own custom filtering that matches your exact preferences.

Check out below our list of eCheck casinos.

Read more about eCheck casinos

Here, you can learn all there is to know about eCheck deposits on online casinos:

Best online casinos that take eChecks

Bojoko helps you find the best eCheck casinos

Electronic checks have become really popular in the United States and eChecks have also landed on gambling sites in recent years. Finding the right place to play where you can use eCheck as a payment method is not always that easy and simple.

Players need to think about safety, reliability, and other features such as bonuses, offers, game selection, etc. We have created a unique search tool to facilitate your process. You can combine and filter different features and for example, find the best eCheck casino sites with the best bonuses. You won't find a tool like this anywhere else!

We also test and review the casinos to give you a complete picture.

What is eCheck?

Find the best eCheck casino on Bojoko!

An electronic check works like a normal paper check, where the money is transferred directly from a user's bank account to another user or service, such as an online casino. The whole operation is only made online without any paper needed. Electronic checks contain all the same information as normal checks and can be used in basically any remote transaction.

Checks have been a common method of payment and a way to transfer money for a long time. However, technology, the internet, and the electrification of things have also moved checks online. The "e" in front of the word simply means "electronic". 

This is how it works:

  1. Request: You start by requesting payment authorization via an online payment form. In an online casino, this means you request authorization from the casino.
  2. Authorization: When the authorization has been given, the information of the transaction will be submitted to an online payment processing service. For this step, there has to be a financial service, such as your bank, PayPal, skrill, or any financial institution that can handle eChecks.
  3. Procession: The payment information is further submitted to the processing network (depending on the provider), where all eChecks are processed.
  4. Transfer: The amount is now withdrawn from the payer's bank account and deposited into the payee's account.

Casinos that accept echeck - how to deposit?

Usually, the whole process lasts 24-48 hours to transfer money via eCheck, but in online casinos, this is instant. The casino will deposit the amount of money into your account, even though they will physically receive the money for themselves a little bit later. These transactions are always free and come with no extra charges for players. Therefore, all casinos that accept eCheck can be called instant eCheck casinos.

For withdrawals, eCheck is unfortunately not an option. You can only make deposits with them, but all the winnings can, of course, be withdrawn with other payment methods, such as Paypal, wire transfer, Credit cards, or whatever method you fancy and the casino accepts.

Easy steps to deposit with eCheck

  1. Select your casino where you want to play 
  2. Register your account
  3. Go to the deposit section
  4. Select Electronic Check (eCheck)
  5. Fill the information needed (routing number & amount of funds)
  6. Get an instant deposit & start playing!

How to find eCheck casinos

Find a eCheck US casino from our casino list

1. Find eCheck casinos from our casino list

We have a list of casinos that accept eChecks here on Bojoko. Use the ready-made filters to fine-tune your search or add personal filters to find the one for you.

Read the eCheck reviews from experts

2. Read the reviews from experts

After picking an eCheck casino, you read what experts have said about it. Their reviews and personal experiences can help you.

Go to the eCheck casino

3. Go to the casino

Every review page has a big green ‘PLAY HERE' button that will take you directly to the casino. If we have a special bonus offer, that button is the way to get it. When you get to the casino, register an account by filling out the required details.

Deposit online using eCheck

4. Make a deposit with eCheck

Go to deposit, choose eCheck as the transfer method and put in the sum you want to deposit. Fill in the asked details and authorize the transfer from you financial service.

Find eCheck casinos

eCheck casino bonuses

One thing we often hear is whether you get a bonus on your eCheck deposits. eCheck is actually one of the best ways to deposit as you will get all the best casino bonuses and promotions available and there are no limitations. 

Several casinos have restricted certain payment methods such as e-wallets and with these, you cannot receive any welcome bonuses at all. eCheck is not limited in any way and you can redeem a wide variety of bonuses such as:

Why should you use eCheck on casinos?

In the United States, players have understood the advantages of eCheck for a long time. There are a lot more benefits to using eCheck than negatives. This payment method is not perfect, of course, but a very good option for Americans.



So, what is there to take from this? If you want ease of use, mobile friendliness, and security, and don't mind about the higher minimum deposit, then eChecks are something you should be looking into.

Looking for different payment methods?

Overall, eCheck is a very recommendable method to use in casinos but if you want you can check different methods as well. There are many ways where you can deposit less than what eCheck allows or if you are not familiar with electronic checks, you have the opportunity to try other methods also.


eCheck is an electronic form of a traditional paper check that can be used for deposits on online casinos. eCheck is available if you have a cheque account in any bank or financial service that provides eCheck transactions.

eCheck is a popular payment method in US casinos. You can find all eCheck casinos for US players listed on Bojoko. The list will have all new eCheck casino sites included when they are launched in the USA.

Using eCheck is totally safe and the transactions are secured. We still advise you to be careful and only play on reputable and licensed online casinos only. Licensed online casinos that take eCheck can be found on our casino list.

Yes, you can. Casinos hand out all kinds of different bonuses to players and you can certainly claim these promotions by using eCheck. Use eCheck deposits to claim these bonuses for example:

  • Deposit bonuses
  • Free spins
  • No deposit bonuses

Yes, all eCheck casino deposits are instant and you can start playing immediately.

No, all eCheck transactions to online casinos are always free without any extra charges. Just make sure you know what the minimum deposit for eChecks is, as it can be higher than with other deposit methods.


Find eCheck casinos


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